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"I was a popular stripper before I started working as a vegas escort."

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Introducing Tori To Las Vegas, Nevada

I am a Vegas escort and my calendar stays quite full. I love my work because I get to bring untold and occasionally banned pleasure to the ones that come to see me. When it is time for me I understand what it's that I will do with untold. I'll take time to learn before they arrive, what they like and allow it to be happen.

I'm Tori and I was a popular stripper before I started working as a vegas escort. I dance from time to time but only if it's going to make my guest happy. I keep my body fit and healthy because I never know what my guests will want. If my guests wish to see a Las Vegas escort do a striptease, I'll give them the best show they could envision. I'm fairly adventurous and can manage any challenge. There are few things that I do not like and when it comes to my guests, there are very few things that I will not do for their enjoyment.

While I think of my work, I think of it as more than an escort service. I need to be the reason that a man or maybe a couple comes back to Vegas. My guests have been taken by me to amusement parks, strip shows and a number of other places. I can be their arm candy and go to different occasions and I'm even willing to provide my guests a girlfriend experience.

When I am met by my guests, they don't consider that I work for an escort service. My guests didn't think girls that look like the Las Vegas worked in this industry. My guests aren't used to seeing an amazing escort with enormous tits and a lush body working at an escort service. They see encounter and my attractiveness my sparkling nature and fall in love with me. My guests understand that I give my all to my guests, and I do not mind going an extra mile for them. They may be torn when it's time for them to leave. Many do not desire to and most come back only to see me.

I love what I do and I'm great at it. When it comes to delight, I am a Vegas beauty that knows just the best way to give it.

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