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"I am quite affectionate and highly responsive."
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Introducing Rene

Hello I'm Rene. Men have told me repeatedly that I am quite affectionate and highly responsive. What can you say about that? I love what I do. Many say that my sweet, girl next door demeanor is my finest quality. I am not really sure about that, but I do know I'm having a great time and providing only the highest quality service to satisfy my companions. You and both know that many bios sound and look too good to be true. I can truly understand a lot of men being skeptical, especially if they have not met me or seen reviews. I don't blame these guys because I realize that many of the hottest ads out there do look and sound too good to be true. And a lot of them are, but I can assure you right now that I am everything I claim to be and more - much more. By the way, for my own safety and protection, as well as yours, I do verify hotel rooms and the names they are registered under. Give me a call, you will be glad you did.

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