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"I'm very good at making you forget your troubles"
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Introducing Bianca

Hey, my name is Bianca. I am sexy when I am nude and have amazing boobs. Men generally like that about me. I became a vegas escort because it is pretty much the most fun job you can have. I'm very good at making you forget your troubles. I'm the sort of vegas escort that tries extra hard to allow you to get extra happy.

I can be shy sometimes initially, but do not let that change your mind about me. I have a tendency to get to know my clients fairly quickly because I'm down to earth and easy to talk to. I really open up once I get to know you. I imagine it is only since I like to get a sense of the type of guy you're first. Each distinct kind of guy seems to bring out something different in me. I actually care about your great time, so I try to be the ideal girl for you. I've a variety of aspects to my character so I can normally fit in with almost any type of crowd.

I like to hang out with all kinds of men, but I must acknowledge that I have a favorite. I always seem to get crushes on "nerds". I have always liked comic books and stuff like that. In addition, I enjoy comic book movies and science fiction. I simply believe that a guy in glasses is so sexy. Do you need me to be your sexy nerd girlfriend? I can be your beauty queen or your horny little nerd. I am not unwilling to be either one. I know that you are going to like me.

In case you can not get enough of me in one night as your Las Vegas escort, why not have me for multiple nights. I always leave guys needing more so I love providing a means for you to draw out our time. No two experiences are the extended time and the same with extended enjoyment is meant by me. Give me a call and try out me. No matter how much or how little time you spend with me, our date will finish with you being entirely filled. I would never be filled if you weren't. Call me baby. I will be waiting.

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