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"Two of the best portions of my body is my amazing tits."
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Introducing Alix

Hello there gentlemen. My name is Alix. I am a vegas escort and I try every day to be the finest. As you can observe by my pictures, I like to be nude. How else could all over tan? I really like work on my suntan and to hang out at the many awesome pools. I love the way my hair appears with my gold skin. I am hoping you'll like it too. I became a Las Vegas escort so that I could take pleasure in the great party life in Vegas much more. I've a nice time, when you have a great time. It's always interesting to experience Vegas with amazing men like yourself who appreciate a woman who works hard on their body like I do.

One of the best portions of my body is my tits. Among the primary things guys notice about me when I'm their Las Vegas escort is my tits. I love all the truly amazing compliments I get. I'd love to climb in your lap and put them right into your face. Wow, I'm jumping the gun. I am getting a little overly excited thinking. Las Vegas escorts are trained to show you a good time, but it's so much more than that for me personally. I really love guys and it makes me feel good when they appreciate me. It just seems like the most natural way for me personally to take pleasure in the truly amazing city of Vegas. Plus, I get to make men like you happy on the way.

As you can see, I've a nice bum as well as a tiny waist. My ass gets lots of focus also, particularly when I wear a bikini. I make certain to work out often so my ass will soon be fine and firm. My chief aims are keeping my tits and ass firm while keeping my stomach flat. I know you're planning to like it. You might be the one that gets to love all the work I do on myself. Escorts in Vegas are extremely hot, so I should remain hot if I need to compete. Well, why don't you call myself up right now so I can show you? I am getting all hot just thinking about it.

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